General policy

As stated in its organisational regulations of 1st April 1976,
the Royal Historical Commission's "mission is to undertake research, to identify, edit or analyse written sources of interest to the history of Belgium, to publish critical studies relating to these sources and to make working tools available to historians".

The statistics link and the catalogue of publications give a clear overview of these activities.

Whether as a result of the scientific contributions it accepts after review or of the works of its members, the Commission has always played an active part in the field of Belgian history. Its numerous publications are a witness to this fact. With the aid of these examples, it tries to stimulate and guide research by drawing the academic community's attention to sources which can help create new lines of research in the historical field.
This policy has of course been developed and diversified over the course of time. The help of university professors and archivists within the Commission has always stimulated a spin-off which has been beneficial to all concerned.